Our goal for this year's Empower the Call campaign on October 23 - 24 is to raise $45,000.00 to help Truett McConnell University equip students to fulfill the Great Commission.  Your donations will be used to provide scholarships to students for missions and retention. 
Together, we will:
  • Reduce student debt for TMU alumni who are active missionaries;
  • Provide financial assistance so that more current students can participate in mission trips; and
  • Retain students by providing scholarship assistance to those with financial need who may not otherwise return to Truett McConnell
All funds received from this event will directly benefit students through the Empower the Call fund.
For more information regarding donation or the Faith and Freedom Celebration, contact the Office of Financial Development at 706-865-2134 x3801 or advancement@truett.edu.
Thank you for your sacrifice and generosity in helping our students fulfil the Great Commission and empowering the call on their lives.
Truth is Immortal, Dr. Emir Caner, President

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